Summer Forest Camp



 Children’s Garden Path

Summer Nature Programs


Tuesday and Thursday programs, and full-week programs


from June 6th to August 3rd


9am – 3pm, in Decatur, TN


and 9:30 to 3 pm in Knoxville, TN


Limited Space, Reserve Now!


Summer is here and so are the 2017 summer forest camps – both here in Decatur, TN and a week in **Knoxville** this summer.

Here’s what we will be up to with your little ones:

Encouraging a child’s natural connection to natural world through the experience of interacting with animals and animal care, goat milking, making cheese and  yogurt, storytelling, hiking, donkey riding, creek exploring and swimming, foraging, gardening, forest medicine, herbal salves, cooperation, nature safety, stewardship of the earth, music, campfire recipes, fire making, nature games, sit spots, building a woodland and a fairy village!

Play Time with Llamas!

Play Time with Llamas!

… Seeing the children quietly watch and listen from their watch spots, sharpening their senses, focusing their attention and minds… the spark in their eyes after a day in the woods and fields, learning naturally and running free; seeing how they help each other overcome their difficulties, and the awe of a new animal or helping to milk a goat, or help make scrumptious cheese and yogurt; the delight of eating fresh from the garden, holding the warmth of a freshly laid egg in the palm of their hand, or learning how to make teas and salves right from the earth; offering time and space where they can lose themselves and feel a deep connection to nature and to others. Sometimes loudly, sometimes quietly.

Children are allowed to get dirty, and wet, and to take chances, and to explore the outer world while giving expression to their inner lives. And, at the same time, children are encouraged and guided to do no harm, and to offer care and stewardship to others and to nature.

Children’s Garden Path programs: a place where EVERYBODY BELONGS!!

Pricing and Dates

A two-day week is $50, and a 4-day week is $100 in Decatur. Knoxville is $120 per week.

Each day, children are dropped off at 9am and picked up at 3pm. Knoxville days start at 9:30.

Some work/trade and scholarships are available – please contact us for interest. Dates are as follows:

(alternating short and long weeks)

June 6th and 8th, Tuesday and Thursday

June 12th to 15th, Monday through Thursday

June 20th and 22nd, Tuesday and Thursday

June 26th to 29th, Monday through Thursday

July 10th to 13th, Monday through Thursday

July 18th and 20th, Tuesday and Thursday

July 24th to 27th, Monday through Thursday

Knoxville: July 31st to August 3rd, Monday through Thursday

We are excited to have guests coming for many of the weeks, and to be incorporating more earth skills and crafting into our daily forest meanderings.

– Pamela Carlson, Children’s Garden Path

How Does This Work?


For Tuesday and Thursday programs, the day begins at 9am. Bring your children and a packed lunch for their day. 

As a significant portion of the day is outside, wearing shoes that can get dirty is recommended, and bring rain boots, too, in case the group spends a day exploring in the creek.

Children can be picked up at the end of each camp day at 3pm.


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