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For multi-day events such as camps, we do require advance registration.  This includes information  about each child attending and your contact information.

We also need a $50 deposit at the time  of registration to reserve your child’s space in the event. This can be quickly handled online via Paypal.  If you need other arrangements to handle making your deposit, give us a call.  Please understand that your registration is accepted once your deposit is in place.

 Once you have completed all of the required information on the form below, you will click submit.  You will then be automatically be directed to the Paypal page to pay the deposit fee.  Please be assured that your payment information is completely confidential.

After paying the deposit on Paypal to our account you will return to the Childrens Garden Path site.

Thank you and welcome to our event!


Childrens Garden Path Registration

Children Attending:

Enter the name, age and gender for each child attending:
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Parent/Guardian Contact Information:

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  1. Parents will submit payment for the program week by the start of the program week.
  2. Parents will drop off child within 10 minutes of the start with of the program day and pick up child within 10 minutes of the end of the program day.
  3. Later pickup must be previously arranged as well as additional care fee.
  4. Parents will provide: a) sack lunch every day, b) water bottle every day and c) uncolored sunscreen. We will provide snacks besides lunch.
  5. A medical release form is required for all medicinal, herbal and other remedies to be administered to each child while in our care.
  6. Parents will arrange for the prompt picking up of ill children upon notification from us that a child has become ill.
  7. Parents will notify us in advance of bringing a child into our care if such child has been ill the prior evening or over the preceding weekend.
  8. Parents who require or prefer that a child consume special foods and/or beverages must provide all such foods and beverages.
  9. I understand that all insurance, medical and otherwise, must be provided by each participating child’s own policy or that of his/her family.
By clicking Yes, I sign and agree with the above "Program Rules & Agreements"
Agreement with Program Rules and Agreements*

Health and Safety Information & Release:

In consideration of my child’s (or children’s) participation in the Childrens Garden Path, I hereby assume all risk of loss, damage or injury associated with or incurred during participation in the Childrens Garden Path program. On behalf of myself, my children, my heirs, beneficiaries, administrators and personal representatives, I waive all claims for injuries or damages arising out of my child’s (or children’s) participation in the programs and release the instructors and volunteers, as well as their family and the studio, Childrens Garden Path, as well as all its officers, directors, assigns, members, agents and employees of Childrens Garden Path, Blue Rose Wellness and Template Homestead from all such claims arising out of my child’s (or children’s) participation in the programs of Childrens Garden Path.I confirm that my physical condition and/or my child’s physical condition allows me and/or my child to participate in the Childrens Garden Path programs and that, if I have any question about my child (or children’s) physical condition in this regard, I will seek a physician’s advice.

By clicking Yes, I sign & agree with the above "Health & Safety Info. Waiver & Release "

Agreement with Health & Safety Waiver & Release*

Publication Waiver:

In regards to video, photo or audio recordings from Childrens Garden Path engagements: I do give permission to Childrens Garden Path to publish video, photo or audio recordings of ‘participant’ listed above. Students’ names will not be used without additional authorization from a parent. Recordings are used primarily for the purposes of education to assist children and teachers.

By clicking Yes, I sign & agree with the above "Publication Waiver"

Agreement with Publication Waiver*

Emergency Information:

Name of Additional Contact #1 for Emergency Use:*
Emer. contact #1 Phone:*
Name of Additional Contact #2 for Emergency Use:
Emer. Contact #2 Phone:
Child's Physician:
Physician Phone:
I grant permission for Emergency Transportation to be used and to transport my child to the nearest, suitable facility.*

Sign and Submit:

By entering your name and clicking Submit, you are signing your agreement with the registration form. Thank you.*
Required Deposit Amount:*

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