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Children’s Garden Path – a place where everybody belongs!


At the Children’s Garden Path Summer Nature Programs we offer adventures in nature for children, ages 4 to 12, in rural Tennessee, in a beautiful, expansive, forest-meadow-farm community with paths to hike, creeks to explore and take a swim, stories to hear and tell, music and games to play, plants and trees to learn about and experience, goats to milk, cheese and yogurt to be made and enjoyed, gardens to tend, friends to be made, and lessons to be learned…

… with the wish to offer children the pure essence of nature where they can discover and experience the natural world for themselves: a place to immerse their senses, expand their curiosity, awaken their instincts, a place to run free, and where they can feed their insatiable appetite to learn, discover and to create – together in companionship with other children and adults who are always there to guide when needed, and offer encouragement along the way.


Cooking Time is Fun!

Play Time with Llamas!

Play Time with Llamas!

We are a non-denominational, home-based children’s learning program dedicated to encouraging the natural growth patterns of young children, and to provide a warm, caring, safe, natural, fun ecology and activities for them to learn from and grow well within.

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